Are women needed to be empowered or men???

The other day just casually I was going through my FB account and something struck me. While going through the pages I saw some 4-5 links and photographs related to women equality and their so called ‘independence ‘. The major thing that forced me to think was the statement following those links and photographs, “share if u respect women” and not to be much surprised I saw tonnes had shared it and millions had liked it. This took me through a series of thoughts. Isn’t it a deceptive act? Will just sharing the links and photos make it a way to independent women in our society??? And a bigg question mark in front of it.

Look at the irony of our society, the public who liked and shared it, atleast 98% of them did not mean it because they do not practice it in their own life. This is not a issuse that can be solved electronically, it has to be solved mentally. Each and every mind is to be reached and made aware of women equality. Basically, the question to the society is, who are men to give women equality? Who has given them the authority to rule over women? God created woman and man each with some special qualities. The one which men is having the women doesnt have, but at the same time the one which women is having the men doest have it. Ultimately at the end it sums up to be equal. So, men are in no way superior to women. How can men give equality or independence to women which they dont have authority to?? Thats the point,  women dont have to ask for equality, its their own belonging they just need to cherish it. It is not a favour that men will do, it is our birth right to live with equality and self esteem. Indian society being a kind of two extremes, when one woman rules the corporate world, on the other hand in rural india a woman can’t even rule her own mind and thoughts. This is where we have to work together and bring each and every women out of this inequality puddle.
Why is a woman always associated to kitchen? No one can draw limitational lines for her and her abilities. She is not a docile lamb to act according to this mulish society. Biological differences cant be the basis of one’s independence. These biological differences doesnt make woman vulnerable to inequality and restrictions, it is the pernicious mentality and the wicked views of the society that forces a woman to be vulnerable to the vile inequality.  This obstinate behaviour of society towards women affronts the whole female community to alienate with the society which has ferociously hurted the self esteem of woman. She has the courage and competence to emerge as a supernova with her own efforts and splendor. There is no need of any ‘women empowerment’ program because women are already powerful, if there is any need, it is to start ‘Men Mentality Empowerment ‘ program, because its time to mend these weak minds and thoughts.


Being woman!  Shining woman!